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Closing Post-Poned & House Numbers

Short update - closing has been postponed to January 20th so I'm thrilled to announce I am doing a lot of idea-work on a house that is not technically mine. Cool.

Speaking of ideas: see if you can spot my problem from this photo:

If you guessed the rotting white flower with house numbers dangling off... you guessed right, bud.

I'm thinking they need to be a little more on the traditional side and I'll probably put them on columns once columns are installed (can we talk about how horrible these are again? They're centered to absolutely nothing). We could do a plaque, too, but I'm liking the idea of something unobtrusive. Also this flower "plaque" has burned me.

These Oil Rubbed Bronze ones from Emtek aren't too traditional but don't look like 80's future fashion either. I'm a fan. What do you think? Anything I'm missing?

There are also a couple things TBD: what kind of tile or paver or alternative surface should I put on the front porch? Maybe wood? Maybe astroturf? My grandmother had astroturf on her front porch and I honestly believe it's the solution to all problems. Many, many people have assured me it is not, but I am undeterred.

Also that really sad light fixture is depressing me. I need a new one. Anybody have any ideas?

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