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Wild and Wishful Shopping - Part 2

How I'd start to FUNK it up

This is picking up where we left off last time and man there is so much to see!

You can kind of see the "study" area that's a step up with some interestingly shaped built-ins. The different levels is such a cool feature of a midcentury house but it's annoying for trying to figure out what all these spaces are for. In my mind this huge area would be ideal for the main living and the area at the bottom of the stairs where our fireplace is would be a cool master bedroom BUT it doesn't have a bathroom or closet so right now it's a kind of den area.

Here's another image of the study. I think if this were an office this would be a great area but since it's a house it has some obvious drawbacks like a lack of privacy and some arbitrary divisions. This house is SUCH an odd shape which is both a fun positive for creative problem solving and a very annoying negative for a regular person trying to use the space. Also you can't see this but the backs of the build ins are all wallpapered and I guess they changed their mind? They painted over the grasscloth. It looks cool in all honesty but it's definitely not recommended. I do love that they kept this stained wall and I would want to make all the ceiling beams match it!

There are vertical beams around the house and I don't think there's a realistic way to get rid of them as I'm assuming they're structural. So my thought is just to get rid of this division, get rid of the built ins, throw a cool round sofa up there and let some vines grow up the beams. Is it structurally recommended? Probably not. But I also don't want to regret that they exist every day so I will commit to house plants.

I also want to add a cool marble step to alleviate this super deep step into the kitchen area. I want to make it a motif in the house. More pink marble! The red lines are supposed to indicate me growing a mature vine on the columns. Where we have a small table and chairs, my thought was to bring something with chairs we could easily bring into the living room or move around the house. Because the kitchen has a skinny area where the breakfast "bench" lives I don't want to add chairs on the opposite side, just something in a beautiful color that keeps it fun!

Did I pull the world's most expensive light fixtures? Yes. Is this an exercise in realism? Kind of no. At this point I knew the space had too many drawbacks to make this functional for my family but I was already invested. How cool would a mixed marble tile floor be in the kitchen though?

This area is weirder than you think it is. The garage is over here but it's detached... but for no obvious reason? I don't get it. Why wouldn't there be a door to the garage over here? Or at least to the backyard? Backyard is hard to get to and the side yard is totally developed into tiers of deck. And part of the deck goes up to the master bathroom where there is a sliding glass door and a huge non-tempered glass window.

This is a little nonsensical because what I really want to do is add something that divides this from the larger house, call it a library & flex guest bedroom and be done. However, there is no bathroom over here - the bathroom connects to what would be my daughter's room directly. I don't love having to walk across the house to pee on floors that are kind of nonsensically uneven, and I don't love a potential guest having access to my daughter's room. Eventually I would want to maybe add a master closet and bathroom to have a down master here and turn the loft into a guest room/play room since there's a lack of privacy up there but for this price that would have to be down the road.

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