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Wild and Wishful Shopping - Part 3

Putting the Kitsch back in Kitschen.

The kitchen right off that weird extra room with the fireplace has the windows I've ALWAYS wanted. Man imagine cooking in the rain in here phwoar. The red tile with the white tile with the Tuscan cream checker tile and weird shape and additional seating (now 3 areas to eat? Why are we the amazing traveling eaters?) means this kitchen needs an overhaul badly.

I think we need something super weird and organic feeling on the ceiling because all these weird lines feel kind of amoebic. I don't mean to talk shit about checkers, those just feel particularly out of place. But wouldn't it be cool to bring some pink marble into the kitchen in a chic way? Then I love this mixed material brown tile floor. The table is counter height which might be useful if the table wasn't completely outside the boundary of the cooking area. My thought would be to put this great reverse cerused Memphis-modern backer on the cabinets and maybe make a prep area in here. These walls are all curved in here but using it as pantry and wine storage seems like a better use of space than what's currently happening so covering that area in these cool, weird open shelves so they can run around the curve in a coherent way felt like a good use of space and kind of a cozy area for entertaining.

If you want to check out this house it's still for sale! Here's a link -

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