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Welcome to the Rebrand

Since launching in 2015 Hart Deco has been only a little more than a twinkle in my eye. After years of hard work - and some years of excessively boring well-paid work - I realized I have to do what I do out of personal interest and figure out the money thing later.

Congratulations me! This is me figuring out the money thing.

This twinkle in my eye has turned into a full-time passion project and I'm sincerely excited to give it a glow up and work with some of the most talented, generous, beautiful people I've ever known.

We are rolling out a full service interior design firm to work with your needs and your budget. Let's get the girls together and make something chic and weird!

I worked for Summer many eons ago and from experience I know that if you still like your boss when you leave for greener pastures, they are very, very special. Summer and I have been friends since I started Hart Deco and she is now the godmother to my baby and my business partner. If this doesn't tell you that I have trouble with boundaries, I don't know what will!

I also had the pleasure of working with Elly Otharsson of @ethosanew (check out her work!) who I am so lucky was recommended to me by a good friend from college (THANK YOU KRISTíN!!!) and we instantly instantly connected. I've been a fan of her work for a little while, and it just never occurred to me that I could ask an artist to do something like this but man did I need an artist to make things come to life!

If you are looking to do a brand refresh, I highly recommend finding someone who understands your vision and can help tell you what you're actually looking for. I'm not an artist, and it can be intimidating to talk to someone when you don't really know what you want or how to give direction toward that - all you know is what you like, with very little why, and what you HATE with maybe a little more specificity. It is not lost on me that is probably how most people feel about interior design! But I think the best way to get what you want is to kick it over to someone you respect and let an artist be an artist. I got way more than I could ever have come up with myself in trusting her abilities. Trust artists, folks.

I sent her some websites I really admire (Hotel Saint Vincent, Theo Nash, Maison de la Luz, and March), some work I've done as an exercise in personal gratification, and photos of my wedding because it was as chic and weird as I could possibly make it. She was able to compile that into something sensible

And what you see before you is a testament to her ability to take some very unrelated things and turn it into these incredible illustrations.

And last but probably most important I want to shout out to Danette Yarbrough who is the glue that holds my life together. I will be the first person to tell you I have little to no interest in website creation and I don't know the first thing about creating an online experience that is both aesthetic and sensible. If I were to be in charge of designing the internet it would be much much worse than it already is. This is not my area to shine. Nor is branding, and lord help me I do not have the bandwidth to learn a new skill.

Let me tell you this woman has SKILLS. Not only was she able to prod me and push me into this new era by asking insightful, incisive and really interesting questions, but working with her is kind of like letting someone into your consciousness. I would not be surprised to find out she was a psychic burned as a witch in another life. I have had the privilege to call her a friend, but I truly believe she is a soul-sister.

When I was figuring out that I couldn't do something for money only, Danette came on the scene and blew me completely away. Personally, she is a huge reason I was brave enough to commit to this, and professionally she is the person who made it possible. She is launching her own marketing business and you can HIRE HER!!! I really, really recommend it. Also any original marketing strategies from this moment forward you can reasonably assume is her idea. Need a brand refresh? Need some fresh ideas on how to extend your reach? DM on Instagram @nothinbutdanette - Danette is your girl.

Thank you to all these wonderful, excessively beautiful and incredibly talented women. Winter is here!

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