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Wild and Wishful Shopping - Part 1

So you know I love to do some wild and wishful shopping on HAR. I think I actually maybe found this on Zillow Gone Wild and I knew it could be totally bananas. Unfortunately for a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom I ultimately need more space for the price... so onward and upward. That being said what a COOL house - I couldn't help but try to suss out what I would do:

It's got some weird shapes, it's got some weird colors, and it's got a lot of personality. Let's dive in.

Look at these cool metal awnings. I would LOVE to add those to these big fat front windows and change out our gravel to a cream gravel. Adding some midcentury lights and a stained wood front door - even some wood look on the weird masses would be cool. It won't survive in Houston but that's not a problem in my fantasy, we dreamin' over here. Adding some pink muhly grass and changing out the weird mass on the chimney for something a little more sleek but still boxy I think celebrates this really, really weird house.


Can you even remotely deal with this weird staircase? The rock garden also has an insane easter egg water feature (it is an easter egg in that it is a water feature, the water feature itself is like fake pots or something but it works!).

That brown painted wall behind the stairs that separates us from the kitchen and supports the loft area needs to be a feature, don't you think? What about a living moss wall? And change out the track lights for some bubbles and the very spiky potentially hazardous railing for something metal but still weird and spikey. With bubbles! I love bubbles.

And because we are midcentury I want to add a huge weird chandelier to the upper floor for all to enjoy and curve out the masses to make it match the staircase - we oscillate between organic and extremely boxy and I don't know that the juxtaposition is speaking any language I can understand. I am limited. Paired with the weird floor it feels like a couple different people had some ideas and nobody talked to anybody else. Why is this incredible house all gray?

There aren't any great pictures of the entry but we have this weird red tile that I don't know totally makes sense anymore although thank god they left the wood panels in the study. More on that later.

You know me - if in doubt add pink. Pink marble, pinkish moire wallpaper, and white plaster on the fireplace that we'll get to in the next post. Love a light floor because I love how bright it makes a space. Also lord help me with this popcorn ceiling. Like why. Just let me plaster it and call it done.

If you want to check out this house it's STILL FOR SALE!! -

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